Question Concerning Heidegger is an interactive piece that draws from German Philosopher, Martin Heidegger’s essay ‘The Question Concerning Technology’.
Developed in response to this text , the piece aims to represent the relationship between human subject and natural object (e.g. water) through the medium of sound. By shifting the power of sound, which controls and manipulates the structural form of water (cymatics) over to the viewer, through the positioning of their body, a mode of revealing is allowed to occur. The mode of Enframing, as Heidegger called it, reveals an essence of technology that views the world as resource. A view essentially that drives humanity to obtain a quantifiable and controllable knowledge of the world that can, more often than not, prove damaging. Nevertheless, a damaging that has within it, the potential to call for greater responsibility. “But where danger is, grows the saving power also.” (F. Holderlin)
A Max/Jitter motion detection system, with the aid of a web-cam, is used to control sound/frequency output depending on user interaction and proximity to the piece.
The Sound-Sweep, Monster Truck Gallery, Dublin. June 2010. NO SOUND. (Low Res)
Pre-installation Test. WITH SOUND. (Low Res)
The Sound-Sweep, Monster Truck Gallery, Dublin. June 2010.